Guatemala is run by the "Pact of the Corrupt": politicians, businessmen, organized crime and members of the judicial system who collaborate to maintain impunity at the expense of human and environmental rights. Since 2019, the Pact has double down on their cooptation of all sections of government. The U.S. Embassy and State Department have spoken out against the election-related destabilization; however, their concern is maintaining the confidence of foreign investors. The Pact accuses the U.S. of interventionism and local organizations of being influenced by the U.S. as a way to discredit those who oppose them. Despite such corruption and a high abstention rate, voters choose Bernardo Arévalo amidst of a primary field of 20 conservative candidates. The Pact is relentlessly trying to obstruct Semilla's chance at winning. Guatemalans have responded with continuous protests, demonstrating that they are fed up with the way politicians operate with impunity. Context U.S. position Key points FIND OUR LONGER