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Gathering our communities to reflect, take action, and build stronger networks in the global grassroots fight for social justice

NISGUA’s grassroots base extends across the U.S. and beyond. In coordination with our advocacy and campaign work, we create opportunities for people to gather and grow our movement. Coming together in spaces such as the annual Platanos Dinner with the Guatemala News and Information Bureau (GNIB), house parties, accompanier report-backs, and photo campaigns, our gatherings focus on community-building, political education, and grassroots fundraising.

As a grassroots funded organization, we see our fundraising and political education initiatives as closely linked. Gatherings combine education with action by raising international awareness about pressing struggles for social justice in Guatemala and organizing our people to take action. At the same time, we give local organizers the opportunity to actively fund our solidarity movement and invite new people to make tangible financial contributions to NISGUA’s work as donors.

A photograph of an Ojibwe woman speaking into a microphone in front of many sitting people.

Rene Ann Goodrich speaks about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis at a NISGUA screening of 500 Years, a documentary about the struggle for justice after the Maya genocides.

Latest from Gatherings

4July, 2017

Our commitment to racial justice

*Racial justice is essential to solidarity work* *Internationalism and the instructive resilience and courage of 500 years of resistance to colonialism and imperialism are essential to local struggles for justice in the U.S.* *We must work towards liberation in our solidarity movement* The Power of a Racial Justice Framework [...]

16February, 2017

Protect Sacred Sites – Support NISGUA local action!

NISGUA is committed to taking leadership from and acting in solidarity with indigenous peoples in Guatemala and globally. With our U.S. office based in Oakland, CA, we are also committed to taking local action alongside the Chochenyo Ohlone peoples upon whose lands we are guests. A 5,000-year-old Ohlone Shellmound [...]

6April, 2016

This spring, stand for gender justice!

February 28, 2016 marked a big step forward for justice in Guatemala when a verdict was reached in the Sepur Zarco trial. For the first time in the Americas, a national court successfully tried sexual slavery as a crime against humanity for crimes committed on its soil. As NISGUA, we acknowledge [...]

9July, 2015

NISGUA’s 2015 summer of grassroots organizing kicks off in Los Angeles

Last month, Los Angeles communities kicked off our summer of grassroots organizing and celebration with the first “house party” of the season hosted by the inspiring collective and cultural space, Eastside Cáfe in El Sereno. Local organizers came together with LA cultural performers and families to celebrate the 10-year [...]

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