Since July 2020, we are meeting with dozens of congressional offices to talk about the ACAs, deportations, and expulsions. We need you as constituents to support these meetings from the grassroots! Call and email your congresspeople and tell them to:

  1. Defund the agreements. The appropriations subcommittees in charge of the budgets for the State Department and Department of Homeland Security should include the following language in the Appropriations Bill: “None of these funds may be used for the implementation of the Asylum Cooperative Agreements between the U.S., Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.”
  2. Demand more information. All congresspeople and committees should demand more information about the signing and implementation of the agreements.
  3. Take a stand against the agreements. All congresspeople should declare their opposition to the agreements as a threat to safety, human dignity, and Central American sovereignty.
  4. Support the Immigration Enforcement Moratorium Act. The Act would halt deportations during the pandemic, release individuals in detention on orders of supervision, halt in person check-ins and in-person court proceedings which risk asylum seekers’ lives to travel during this pandemic to appear in court and instead allow for telephonic hearings if the asylum seeker requests it, and prohibit federal funds from implementing the CDC order which would prevent immediate expulsions of asylum seekers and unaccompanied children at our border.

This link will take you to CISPES’ platform from which you can contact all your representatives and senators with the click of a button. We prepped the email for you too!


Even though it shouldn’t be, reaching out to congress can be intimidating. We are here to support. This button will lead you to email info[at]

Who are the most important targets for these demands?

Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senate Foreign Affairs Committee: