On June 10, we had the honor of coordinating a webinar “From the U.S. to Central America: Asylum, Deportations, and COVID-19” featuring five panelists from Central America and the U.S. who are experts on migration and powerful movement leaders. The panelists spoke about the illegal and inhumane Asylum Cooperative Agreements (ACAs), also known as safe third country agreements. They also discussed deportations during the pandemic, which have greatly impacted already under-resourced medical systems in the Global South.

Today, we’re thrilled to share the recording of the webinar complete with English subtitles, which are based off of the closed captions and live simultaneous interpretation that we provided in the webinar.

Graphic with thanks to the organizations that sponsored the webinar and the volunteers and staff who made it possible.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we decided to cancel all in-person tour stops for our spring 2020 tour. We are incredibly grateful for all the people in New Mexico, Arizona, and Los Angeles who have been organizing and planning events for the past several months.

As internationalists seeking to build solidarity across state-imposed borders, we are resourced for moments such as this, so that our learning, organizing, and action can continue. We were thrilled to hold a webinar with Silvia Raquec of Association Pop No’j on April 16.

Watch the full webinar here or on Facebook:

Graphically designed image with the biography of Silvia Raquec, the tour speaker.