Photo of NISGUA's 2020 Calendar

NISGUA’s 2020 calendar, “Art as Resistance,” showcases beautiful photos from Guatemala and the U.S.-Mexico border. Each month highlights one example of how art is resistance and resistance is art. Order yours today!

This tote features artwork by Oakland-based artist Vico Carrillo and celebrates environmental defense and community self-determination.

This t-shirt was first showcased on our 2015 “Tahoe on Trial” tour, and speaks to the power of community resistance and self-determination in the face of resource extraction.

Exhibiting beautiful graffiti art from the very first public hearing against Efraín Ríos Montt in 2012, our solidarity tee is a colorful addition to your wardrobe and a great way to show your support for NISGUA.

Colorful mural: painted image with a green bird, white calalily, and butterfly in front of image of lake and volcano. Reads: Nueva Esperanza.

Set of six greeting cards featuring gorgeous photographs from our network. Each set contains 6 blank greeting cards suitable for a wide variety of occasions. The cards are 3 x 5 and include envelopes. Photo: James Rodríguez,