Freed political prisoners return home to Huehuetenango

Solidarity Update: August 26, 2016

Justice and Accountability

  • CREOMPAZ: Constitutional Court challenges congressional immunity for Congressman Edgar Ovalle

  • National and international human rights defenders threatened as transitional justice advances

Defense of Life and Territory

Trial continues for seven political prisoners from Huehuetenango

Solidarity Update: July 21, 2016

 Justice and Accountability
  • Psychologist Maudí Tzay joins NISGUA this fall on tour in the United States
  • Eight former military to stand trial for charges in the CREOMPAZ case
  • Urban activists return to Central Square for the Day for Heroes and Martyrs
Defense of […]

Communities continue to stand up against resource extraction in their territories

Solidarity Update: May 27, 2016

Justice & Accountability

  • Final arguments heard to determine whether CREOMPAZ case will be sent to trial

Defense of Life & Territory

  • More than 99% of participants vote ‘NO’ to resource extraction in Quesada municipal consultation
  • Guatemala’s highest court upholds suspension order for El Tambor Mine
  • […]

Evidence presented in hopes of sending the CREOMPAZ case to trial

Solidarity Update: May 4, 2016

Justice & Accountability

  • CREOMPAZ: Public Prosecutor presents evidence in the largest case of forced disappearance in Guatemala’s history
  • Closed-door genocide retrial moves to Ixil territory
  • Newly-released military documents shed new light on the Diario Militar

Defense of Life & Territory