International Organizations Publish Statement in Solidarity with La Puya

NISGUA joins 10 international organizations who stand in solidarity with the communities of the Peaceful Resistance “La Puya” impacted by the international arbitration claim filed against the state of Guatemala by US mining company, Kappes, Cassiday & Associates. Community members from San José del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc [...]

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Carta al presidente expresando solidaridad con San José Nacahuil

El 7 de septiembre, seis hombres desconocidos dispararon y mataron a once miembros de la comunidad de San José Nacahuil, en la municipalidad de San Pedro Ayampuc. El día de hoy, NISGUA entregó una carta, firmada por organizaciones internacionales, al Presidente Otto Pérez Molina para expresar nuestra solidaridad con [...]

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Urgent communique denouncing assassination of Santos Fidel Ajau Suret, member of La Puya encampment

On Tuesday, July 9, Santos Fidel Ajau Suret, a member of the ongoing peaceful resistance at La Puya, was assassinated. The MadreSelva Collective released the following communique denouncing his assassination. Translation by NISGUA, in Spanish here.  Urgent Communique We denounce the cowardly assassination of Santos Fidel Ajau Suret, activist [...]

Tensions Continue at La Puya: Community Members in Resistance Threatened with Eviction

Following over nine months of non-violent peaceful resistance to the El Tambor mining project and increased intimidation and threats during the past month, the situation at La Puya escalated last Friday, December 7th, when over 300 National Civil Police (PNC) agents and 50 patrol trucks arrived, threatening to evict [...]

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Protect pacific resistance in San José del Golfo

For the past nine months, men, women and children from San José del Golfo, San Pedro Ayampuc and their surrounding communities have maintained a constant, non-violent presence in protest of the onset of mining activities in their territories.  Beginning on Tuesday, November 13, an estimated 70 people claiming to [...]

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URGENT ACTION: Activist Yolanda Oquelí attacked on her way home

On June 13, activist Yolanda Oquelí was attacked and shot three times on her way home from a protest.  We join others in denouncing the attack and expressing our concern for Yolanda's safety and well-being, as well as the safety of other organizers and community members from the area. [...]