Oakland event builds solidarity across movements for gender justice

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As part of NISGUA’s 2016 tour, “Guatemalan women healing towards justice: the case of Sepur Zarco,” Bay Area organizers brought together community and clinical psychologists working in trauma and healing to discuss the connections between militarism and sexual violence and strategies for resilience and solidarity. The event, “Memory and Healing in Movements for Gender Justice,” [...]

Mataquescuintla reaffirms its commitment to uphold the results of the 2012 consultation that rejected mining

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Four years ago, residents of the southeastern Guatemalan municipality of Mataquescuintla held a municipal referendum in which 98.42% of participants voted against the presence of resource extraction projects in their territories. This past Friday, the municipality re-affirmed its commitment to uphold that decision and continue to stand up against US-Canadian mining company Tahoe Resources as it [...]

Murder of Young Assistant from Guatemalan Environmental Organization is Evidence of Escalating Risk to Human Rights Defenders

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November 16, 2016 (Ottawa/Toronto/Vancouver/Reno/Washington/Guatemala) North American organizations are dismayed and deeply troubled by the execution-style murder of 22 year-old Jeremy Abraham Barrios Lima, assistant to the director of the Guatemalan Centre for Legal, Environmental and Social Action (CALAS), on Saturday in Guatemala City. A group of Canadian and US legal, environmental and social justice organizations, [...]

CALAS denounces the murder of colleague Jeremy Abraham Barrios Lima

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The Center for Environmental and Social Legal Action of Guatemala (CALAS) denounces the murder of Jeremy Abraham Barrios Lima, assistant to the General Director Yuri Melini. Below is the translated urgent action and original statement in Spanish.  CALAS - Urgent Action Public Statement MURDER of JEREMY ABRAHAM BARRIOS LIMA Assistant to the General Director of [...]

Community members protest damage to homes near Tahoe Resources’ mine, fear violent reprisal

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The following article was written in collaboration with the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala, the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network, MiningWatch Canada, and the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. In February 2016 houses in the village of La Cuchilla in the municipality of San Rafael Las Flores, began to crack and on [...]

Carta pública a las autoridades hondureñas sobre el reciente caso de expulsión de un defensor internacional de derechos humanos

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Las organizaciones firmantes expresamos nuestra preocupación y condena por la detención y expulsión de un defensor de los derechos humanos al ingresar en Honduras el día 25 de octubre de 2016. Respetados Señores y Señoras. El martes 25 de octubre a las 9:00 am el defensor de derechos humanos Luis Díaz de Terán de nacionalidad [...]

Guatemalans appeal case against Tahoe Resources in Canadian court

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PRESS RELEASE Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) - Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) - Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) Today, the British Columbia Court of Appeals in Vancouver, Canada will revisit a procedural motion in the case of seven Guatemalans who have brought a civil [...]

Committee for Reparations for La Cuchilla denounce cracks in houses from explosions at the Escobal mine

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Community members from La Cuchilla in the municipality of San Rafael las Flores are concerned about major cracks in the foundation of their houses that have developed since Tahoe Resources' began mining operations at the neighboring Escobal mine. They claim that the cracks are due to explosions and an increase in heavy truck traffic due to [...]

“We march because where there is militarization, there is sexual violence”

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Maudí Tzay joins hundreds of activists in denouncing ongoing U.S. militarization at this year’s SOA Watch Convergence This year’s tour, “Guatemalan women healing towards justice: the case of Sepur Zarco,” kicked off at the U.S.-Mexico border, together with hundreds of other activists at the annual School of the Americas Watch Convergence. Previously held each year [...]

Opposing funding for Urban Shield

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The following is a letter NISGUA sent to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, expressing our opposition to the requesting of funds for Urban Shield. NISGUA has joined the Stop Urban Shield coalition to demand an end to the SWAT team training and weapons expo that brings together local, regional, and international police and military units to [...]