Sponsoring Communities take action: UUCA and NISGUA together in Guatemala

One of the pillars of international human rights accompaniment is the backing of a strong and active international network that commits to ongoing education of the international community about the human rights context of those we accompany, monitors the specific situations of those human rights defenders, and is ready to take action during high-risk moments or in the event human rights violations take place. At NISGUA, our entire grassroots base is involved in this important work. Through NISGUA's Guatemala Accompaniment [...]

Communities defend right to clean water, continue to speak out against Tahoe’s dirty mine

In honor of World Environment Day, communities impacted by Tahoe Resources' Escobal mine did what they have consistently done since the mining company came on to their lands - stand up for land, water and life against mega-development extraction. The situation is critical: just over a year into the start of commercial production at the massive silver mine, water contamination and scarcity is already being reported and confirmed by community members, government officials and environmental organizations.Beneath the rain, over a [...]

Ixil communities of Nebaj express opposition to US-led extraction in their territory

"Historically, we have never received the support of the state or the government for our development, which is why it seems fair that we be able to take advantage of our own natural resources in order to improve the living conditions of our people according to our own vision of development." Letter from communities of Nebaj to US-owned Double Crown Resources Inc.In May 2014, US-owned natural resource exploration and development company, Double Crown Resources, Inc., bought the exclusive rights to all [...]

Demanda en contra de Tahoe Resources – señal de alerta para inversionistas y canadienses

Fuente: Alerta Minera Canadá - Red en Solidaridad con el Pueblo de Guatemala (NISGUA) - Red Rompiendo el Silencio de las Provincias Marítimas y Guatemala 18 de junio de 2014(Ottawa/Tatamagouche/Guatemala) Se presentó hoy día una demanda civil en Vancouver contra Tahoe Resources por negligencia y agresión en relación a un tiroteo en el proyecto argentífero de la empresa en Guatemala, lo que transmite un claro mensaje a inversionistas y a la población canadiense en general.Victimas y sus abogados en Guatemala. [...]

International organizations demand justice in deadly attack against opponents of Tahoe Resources’ mine

Merilyn Topacio Reynoso Pacheco, 1997 - 2014. (Photo: Danilo Zuleta)   Two weeks have passed since the deadly attack against Alex and Topacio Reynoso, community leaders from Mataquescuintla, Jalapa who were actively opposed to Tahoe Resources' Escobal mine in southeastern Guatemala. Topacio, just 16 years old, was killed, and her father was seriously injured. He remains in hospital in serious condition. NISGUA stands in solidarity with the Reynoso family and the thousands of other families demanding the right [...]

Organizations in defense of territory denounce violence against their communities

Late Sunday night, around 10:30PM, father and daughter activists involved in the resistance against Tahoe Resources' Escobal Mine, Edwin Alex Reynoso and Merilyn Topacio Reynoso, were attacked by unknown suspects. Alex and Topacio were on their way home from Matequescuintla after attending an activity there. Topacio was shot and killed; Alex was severely wounded and remains in intensive care. While details of the attack against Alex and Topacio remain unclear, the incident forms part of a larger pattern of recent [...]

Sipakapa is still not for sale…

Neither are San Rafael Las Flores, Nueva Santa Rosa, Mataquescuintla, Jalapa nor Santa Rosa de Lima.In 2005, the communities of Sipakapa carried out one of the first community consultations on mining in Guatemala, taking a stand against Canadian giant, Goldcorp Inc., and sparking a movement that has resulted in over 70 referenda throughout the country to date. Communities opposing mining in their territory warn of environmental destruction, poisoned water sources and community division. Goldcorp's Marlin mine, which began extracting gold [...]

NISGUA leads delegation with UUCA to Guatemala

  UUCA delegates gather with NISGUA staff in Antigua. All photos: David McTaggartThis past December, NISGUA organized and hosted a ten-day delegation with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington (UUCA), home to NISGUA Sponsoring Community, Partners for Arlington and Guatemala (PAG). 
Twelve members of the UUCA congregation formed the delegation and traveled to Guatemala to see NISGUA's work up close and to hear directly from Guatemalan human rights defenders on the ground. PAG combines strategic local action and advocacy in [...]

Tahoe Resources on the defense as opposition to the Escobal mine gains ground

While community opposition to Tahoe Resources’ Escobal project grows and wins support from the Constitutional Court, the company remains on the defense trying to convince investors that it enjoys “strong local community support.” However, the record of local votes in neighboring communities and municipalities, betrays a different reality. More than half of the communities in the municipality of San Rafael Las Flores, where Tahoe’s Escobal mine is located, have declared opposition to the project. Likewise, thousands of people in the five municipalities [...]

Jalapa says NO to mining! Guatemalan Constitutional Court hears case related to Tahoe Resources’ mining license

Jalapa has said NO to mining. Photo: Xinka ParliamentOn Sunday, November 10, in a community consultation in the municipality of Jalapa, 23,152 people said NO to chemical metal mining. Members of Santa María Xalapán and other indigenous Xinca communities in Jalapa requested the popular vote in order to address the threat of environmental and social impacts from the nearby Escobal silver mine, owned by Tahoe Resources. Nearly 24,000 people participated in the vote. Over 98% of all participants voted against [...]