Sponsoring Communities take action: UUCA and NISGUA together in Guatemala

One of the pillars of international human rights accompaniment is the backing of a strong and active international network that commits to ongoing education of the international community about the human rights context of those we accompany, monitors the specific situations of those human rights defenders, and is ready to take action during high-risk moments or in the event human rights violations take place. At NISGUA, our entire grassroots base is involved in this important work. Through NISGUA's Guatemala Accompaniment [...]

Guatemalan complainants celebrate effective suspension of Tahoe Resources license

CALAS and the Xinca Parliament announce the suspension of Tahoe Resources' mining license on Wednesday morning. Photo: Prensa Libre(Ottawa/Guatemala City) On Tuesday, the Civil and Mercantile Division of Guatemala’s First Court of Appeals notified the Centre for Environmental and Social Legal Action (CALAS) that it is upholding an appeal associated with Tahoe Resources' production license for the Escobal project. Quelvin Jimenez of the indigenous Xinka Parliament presented the appeal in May with legal support from CALAS, claiming lack of due [...]

Communities of Santa Rosa and Jalapa denounce criminalization of leaders opposing Tahoe Resources’ Escobal mine

Since the May 2 declaration of a state of siege in four municipalities surrounding Tahoe Resources' mine, 12 members of the Committee in Defense of Life and Peace of San Rafael had their homes raided by police and military forces, five community members have been arrested and charged, and at least 18 more have pending arrest warrants against them. During the last year, there have been more than 70 legal processes against individuals peacefully opposing Tahoe's Escobal mine. Many of [...]

NISGUA’s genocide trial coverage: the complete collection

While we await the next steps of the genocide trial, we are honored to provide an accessible archive of the daily coverage we provided from day 1 of the trial. Please read and share this historic collection.Genocide on Trial, Day 1: Ixil witnesses speakGenocide on Trial, Day 2: Ixil Voices in the Halls of JusticeGenocide on Trial, Day 3: "...justice for everything we lived through."Juan Raymundo Maton: "...they destroyed everything, not just our crops but our culture."Genocide on Trial, Days [...]

Criminal case against Alberto Rotondo, security manager for Tahoe Resources, moves forward in Guatemalan courts

On Friday June 7, Alberto Rotondo, former security manager for Tahoe Resources, was summoned to appear for the second time in a Guatemalan court. During the first hearing on May 7, Rotondo was charged with assault and obstruction of justice in connection to the April 27 attack outside Tahoe's Escobal project in which mine security opened fire on community members, seriously injuring six.  The purpose of the hearing was to formally register the six victims as co-plaintiffs in the case. [...]

Speculation around genocide trial restart; Ríos Montt back under house arrest

Guatemalan civil society reacted to the May 20 annulment of the genocide trial verdict through public actions, marches and vigils overwhelmingly rejecting the decision. On May 24, an impromptu march that some activists reported to be the largest in recent history organized in the name of memory in Guatemala. An estimated 5,000 people filled the streets of the capital to denounce impunity and call for justice. Supporters throughout the world also organized solidarity protests outside Guatemalan embassies to echo the [...]

Complaint asks for investigation into Tahoe Resources after wiretap evidence implicates employees in violence at Escobal mine

On Saturday April 27, mine security at Tahoe Resources' Escobal project opened fire on community members peacefully gathered outside the mine site. Six men were shot and seriously injured. This incident set of a chain of events, eventually resulting in the declaration of a state of siege in four municipalities surrounding the Escobal mine. On April 30, Alberto Rotondo, Security Manager for Tahoe Resources was arrested and on May 7 Rotondo was charged with obstruction of justice and assault. On May [...]

Se solicita a Comisión de Valores en Canadá investigar a Minera Tahoe luego de que escuchas telefónicas vincluan a sus empleados en hecho violentos en Guatemala

PARA DIFUSIÓN INMEDIATA3 de junio 2013(Toronto/Ottawa) El Proyecto Justicia y Responsabilidad Corporativa (Justice and Corporate Accountability Project - JCAP) en Canadá entregó el día viernes una queja a la Comisión de Valores de la provincia de Ontario en relación a la empresa Tahoe Resources (TSX: THO; NYSE: TAHO) por su deficiente divulgación de información sobre los casos de violencia vinculados a su único proyecto minero en el suroriente de Guatemala.  El 27 de abril, empleados de seguridad dispararon e hirieron [...]

NISGUA in NYC with the Association for Justice and Reconciliation: Listen live to our special event

Live transmission of event in NYC with the AJR. Tramission will begin at approximately 7:15pm EST, May 30, and last for one hour.Transmisión en vivo de la actividad en la ciudad de Nueva York con la AJR. Transmisión de 1 hora, 30 de mayo, empezando a las 7:15pm EST (aproximadamente).Alternate link: here

International community calls for Rubén Herrera’s immediate release

More than one year after President Molina declared a state of siege in Santa Cruz de Barillas, repression continues against community leaders resisting the Cambalam hydroelectric project, operated by Spanish owned Hidro Santa Cruz. Violence and criminalization against leaders defending territory and the right to self determination has been on the rise in Barillas since the 2007 community consultation rejecting large-scale development projects in their territory.   Since March, NISGUA has reported on the detention of Rubén Herrera, community leader and member [...]