International organizations demand justice in deadly attack against opponents of Tahoe Resources’ mine

Merilyn Topacio Reynoso Pacheco, 1997 - 2014. (Photo: Danilo Zuleta)   Two weeks have passed since the deadly attack against Alex and Topacio Reynoso, community leaders from Mataquescuintla, Jalapa who were actively opposed to Tahoe Resources' Escobal mine in southeastern Guatemala. Topacio, just 16 years old, was killed, and her father was seriously injured. He remains in hospital in serious condition. NISGUA stands in solidarity with the Reynoso family and the thousands of other families demanding the right [...]

Urgent communique denouncing assassination of Santos Fidel Ajau Suret, member of La Puya encampment

On Tuesday, July 9, Santos Fidel Ajau Suret, a member of the ongoing peaceful resistance at La Puya, was assassinated. The MadreSelva Collective released the following communique denouncing his assassination. Translation by NISGUA, in Spanish here.  Urgent CommuniqueWe denounce the cowardly assassination of Santos Fidel Ajau Suret, activist of La Puya encampmentSanto Fidel Ajau Suret, 54 years old, member of the community of San Antonio El Ángel and activist at the La Puya encampment, was the victim of a cowardly [...]